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Ultra-high wear resistance, long distance, standard load, comfortable

Roadboss Tire integrates independent development, design and production of radial tires, insists on doing well, focuses on the introduction of advanced technology and investment in high-end equipment, develops and produces high-quality, precise and cutting-edge products, takes the road of quality and differentiation, and Customized tires according to different market needs.

Product Details

●Widened tread, low heat generation and super wear resistance recipes, ensuring long mileage over 400,000 kms.
●Tread 3D interlocking pattern,providing not only better heat dissipation capacity and grip performance at the same time,but also reducing abnormalwear; together with new wear resistance recipe, providing 20%longer milage than before.
●Reducing tire jitter or offset and improving driving comfort by the adoption of 4 belt technique.



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