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Off-road,Wet Grip,Handling,Safety

Roadboss Tire integrates independent development, design and production of radial tires, insists on doing well, focuses on the introduction of advanced technology and investment in high-end equipment, develops and produces high-quality, precise and cutting-edge products, takes the road of quality and differentiation, and Customized tires according to different market needs.

Product Details

●X6:off-road special tire suitable for non- paved roads,providing strong support for passing through harsh road conditions such as mountain roads, dirt roads and snow roads.
●Directional pattern brings better driving force in off-road conditions.
●The optimized combination design of huge blocks and grooves provides excellent off-road drive force, grip and slip resistance.
●The tread formula is optimized, the natural rubber content is increased,the tear resistance is better. Working excellent on bad road conditions.
●The reinforced belt plies and the special reinforced carcass design greatly improve the overall strength of the tire and meet the requirements of the worst road conditions.


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