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2023 China (Guangrao) International Rubber & Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition | Based in China, radiating the world, LUBO Tire to build a domestic quality brand name card!

The 13th China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition was held in Guangrao International Expo Center in Shandong Province from May 15-17, 2023. Based in China and radiating globally, Guangrao International Tire Exhibition has become an annual gathering event for industry players. As the host enterprise of Dongying Guangrao and the leading domestic national brand, Lubo Tire strongly brought its star products to the exhibition, which triggered a warm response from the visitors and greatly deepened and expanded the influence of the brand at home and abroad.


China (Guangrao) International Rubber Tire & Auto Parts Exhibition



The exhibition focuses on the theme of "gathering the power of the industry chain and building a new development pattern", focusing on the latest industry achievements in six categories of exhibits, such as tires, wheels, rubber machinery, raw and auxiliary materials, auto insurance, auto parts, etc., through the rubber and tire and auto parts industry chain, enterprise new product release, trade cooperation and exchange, brand promotion, and the most convenient international trade negotiation for domestic and foreign buyers. The most convenient international trade negotiation platfo


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At this year's exhibition, Luber Tire brought the two product lines of all-steel and semi-steel tires that we have been working tirelessly to build for years, with top technological content and excellent performance, a new interpretation of the concept of driving.


In order to provide a beter product experience for car owners and to meet the current market demand, Luber Tire introduced the latest product series immersively for the audience through the on-site new product launch, including three series of special products for electric vehicles, including the ultra-quiet series, self-repairing series and dazzling custom series tires, as well as the City-ev series, which is suitable for city bus electric buses and short- and medium-haul electric trucks, a total of nine products.

During the exhibition, Luber Tire's booth was inundated with visitors and received widespread attention and praise, and all the exhibitors and dealers expressed their strong interest in Luber Tire's products and hoped to develop long-term cooperation relationship.


The exhibition has strengthened the brand recognition of LUBO Tire to the public consumers, greatly broadened the path of LUBO Tire products to the world, and accelerated the internationalization process of LUBO brand.



In the future, LUBO Tire will continue to increase innovation and research and development, constantly improve product competitiveness, upgrade customer service, create a high-quality Chinese brand name card, and truly achieve the goal of Chinese companies to cover the global market with their national products!