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World Noise Day | Extremely fast noise reduction, instantly turn on "silent mode", and enjoy the journey!

Traffic is busy,the lights are red and green
In the rush of the road
We are constantly pursuing bustle and prosperity
I also gradually got used to the noise and noise
The noise in life can be heard everywhere,for our car friends and old drivers,the noise from the car can be described as accompanied by the whole time,especially when the driving time is long,and people who have no temper can get out of the"road rage".
So where does all the vehicle noise come from?How will the old drivers solve vehicle noise all around them perfectly?
Engine carbon deposits lead to inadequate sound insulation–cleaning of carbon deposits on time,replacement of sound insulation materials for engine covers
Aging engine mounts cause a strange noise–a timely replacement
The interior of the wheel arch lacks sound insulation materials-equip the wheel arch with sound insulation materials
Wind noise–close the windows and replace the aging seals around the doors
Aging of electronic components–regularly inspect the interior of the car and replace it
Cooling system noise–repaired in time
If everyone's car always has obvious noise,you can check and improve according to the above points.In addition to the above noise sources,there is also a noise source that makes countless riders headaches,that is,tire noise!

There are many causes of tire noise,such as:
Air noise caused by tire rotation
Tire vibration noise caused by the interaction between tires and road surfaces
Vibration noise caused by partly auto-trigger vibration of tires and ground touching surfaces,etc....
The above are the unavoidable sources of tire noise in daily driving,and to alleviate tire noise,many experienced drivers also have their own countermeasures:
Adjust tire pressure
If the tire pressure is too low or too high,there will be noise after the tire contacts the ground.At this time,you can adjust the tire pressure to keep it in the correct range,and the noise can be reduced;
Remove stones and impurities
Occasionally,some small stones,metals and other impurities will get stuck in the pattern cracks of the tire.After they rub against the ground,noise will occur.Regular cleaning of these impurities can also alleviate tire noise.
However,the above methods can cure the symptoms but not the root cause.If you want to greatly reduce tire noise,it is best to choose suitable quiet tires.The effect is immediate and the whole world is instantly quiet.
The powerful combination of multiple mute technologies of Lubrizol tires instantly isolates noise and creates an extremely quiet driving space——
Quiet cotton design
A special sound-absorbing polyurethane foam insert is added to the inner side of the tire,which can effectively filter the frequencies recognizable by the human ear,and perform noise reduction treatment on noise resonance,which significantly improves the driving comfort of the vehicle.

Quiet pattern design
The irregularly arranged patterns of various pitches can effectively reduce the noise caused by the resonance of the tire block;the uninterrupted closed shoulder design reduces the tire noise.
Roadboss Tire has a whole generation switch
Study with ingenuity in the details
Multi-level efficient noise reduction
Turn on"Silent Mode"
Create a quiet driving space and a luxurious and comfortable experience!