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Tire price surge.Look at Huasheng Rubber's research and development of new types of tires

Entering September,domestic tire companies collectively started a wave of price hikes,and the recent financial reports of many tire companies for the first half of the year showed that the tire industry generally encountered the problem of"increasing revenue without increasing profits".What is the reason for this?
The comprehensive cost of raw materials has soared,and some tire companies have reduced production
Chen Jianjun,general manager of Shandong Huasheng Rubber Technology Co.,Ltd.:Now the imported compound rubber is about 12,000 yuan per ton,and when it is low,it is more than 7,000 yuan per ton,which puts a lot of pressure on the production cost of tires.The value of a container of tires is not worth the freight value of ocean freight.For example,a box to the United States may be worth 20,000 US dollars,while the value of one of our boxes may be 15,000 to 17,000 US dollars.
Zhao Ruiqing,general manager of Shandong Huasheng Rubber Group:Compared with last year,our sales of semi-steel tires increased by 20%in the first half of the year,and the comprehensive cost of raw materials increased by about 40%.We are in relatively low profits this year.

The tire market has long been optimistic about companies targeting new categories
Up or not up is a dilemma,so how can tire companies improve their competitiveness and find a new way out?Huasheng Rubber is also increasing investment in research and development to meet the needs of new energy vehicles or special vehicles to produce new types of tires with higher profit margins.
A breakdown of the new tire products developed by Huasheng Rubber:
Run-flat tires for safe driving
During high-speed driving,once the ordinary tire is cut,it is likely to have a puncture,the tire pressure will be suddenly lost,and the direction will be easy to swerve,causing a very serious traffic accident.

In response to this,Huasheng Rubber uses RFT technology to develop run-flat tires.In the case of complete gas leakage,the sidewall still has good support,which can prevent the tire from falling off the rim and still maintain good control of the vehicle..At the same time,it can support the weight of the whole vehicle,so that the vehicle can continue to drive for a certain distance and drive to a nearby repair point.
But what everyone needs to pay attention to is that it is inaccurate for many people to call a run-flat tire a"run-flat tire".It is not explosion-proof,but can improve safety after a flat tire.
At present,Huasheng Rubber's run-flat tire products include Hibilead HF330,Kapsen K3000,Durun RU06,and Roadboss N906.The run-flat tire specifications cover the full range of BMW products.
New energy vehicle tires,black technology to extend the cruising range
New energy vehicles have higher requirements for tire performance,and new energy vehicle tires are mainly durable,quiet and long-lasting.By optimizing the molecular structure of rubber and increasing the contact area between the tire and the ground,the tire grip is evenly distributed and the service life of the tread is prolonged;the low heat build-up rubber material and the energy-saving belt layer can reduce the internal energy loss of the tire during driving,Reduce deformation and heat generation,and contribute to environmental protection while extending the cruising range.
Quiet cotton tires,based on safety,make tires quieter
Tire safety is the most basic consumer demand for tires,but Huasheng is also very concerned about the driving experience of consumers.
In order to reduce tire noise,Huasheng has developed a silent cotton tire.The inner side of the silent cotton tire is equipped with a"sound absorber"-a special sound-absorbing polyurethane foam inlay,which is firmly adhered with a layer of sealing and protective material,which can cause damage to the road surface.The noise resonance is silenced,which significantly improves the driving comfort of the vehicle.
Self-repairing tires,tire black technology that is not afraid of studs
Self-healing tires are coated with self-sealing material on the inner surface of the tire crown.When the tire crown is punctured by a foreign body,it can quickly repair the puncture wound,so that the tire can still run safely with good sealing performance.
The birth of self-healing technology is to solve the hidden dangers of driving safety when ordinary tires encounter problems such as puncturing and damage,and also provide higher security for vehicles that cannot be installed with run-flat tires.
Full hot melt tires,racing is the highest level test for tire technology.
With the rise of domestic automobile culture,the demand for racing tires is increasing.Huasheng Rubber has concentrated its efforts on technology research and continuous exploration,breaking the monopoly of foreign companies such as Michelin,Bridgestone and Pirelli on this project.
The special tread formula of full-hot-melt tires developed by Huasheng Rubber can quickly heat up when the tires are running,reach a molten state,provide strong grip,and at the same time have excellent durability.