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The secret of energy saving and emission reduction: light and slow

Every April 22, Earth Day calls on people to jointly address the threats to human existence caused by environmental degradation, and improve the overall environment of the earth through green and low-carbon living. More than 1 billion people from 192 countries around the world will participate. Among them, it has become the largest folk environmental protection festival in the world.
Traditional fuel vehicles emit a lot of greenhouse gases and exhaust gas pollution in daily driving. As car owners, we have many ways to contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction in our daily life, which can not only effectively reduce pollution to nature, but also reduce Fuel consumption, save driving cost~

"So what can we do for green carbon reduction?"

1. The secret of energy saving and emission reduction: light and slow
Plan the optimal route before departure, start gently, step on the accelerator lightly and slowly increase the speed, always pay attention to maintaining sufficient distance between cars, remember to brake lightly or brake early when encountering obstacles or emergencies, and release the accelerator in advance when road conditions permit , Use the engine brake to decelerate, which can not only minimize the damage to the car, but also effectively improve the fuel efficiency.
2. The secret of energy saving and emission reduction: regular maintenance
When it comes to maintenance, we can't just focus on "soaking wolfberry in a thermos cup". Our car must also be maintained regularly in order to prolong its life and maintain its "youth" forever. Regular maintenance can reduce carbon deposits, avoid problems such as unsmooth ignition and acceleration fatigue, and can also reduce fuel consumption.
3. The Secret of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction: Breaking Up
As the saying goes, "the fatter you are, the faster your shoes worn out", and the same goes for cars. Many car owners are used to hoarding daily necessities and auto parts in the car, but at the same time, the load of the car has also increased significantly, which not only increases the fuel consumption, but also easily causes car damage over time. If you can often disconnect the materials in the car, it will not only reduce fuel consumption and save money, but also prolong the service life of tires and other components.
Fourth, the secret of energy saving and emission reduction: tire inspection
The relationship between tires and fuel consumption is very close, and you should always pay attention to checking the tire status. If the tire pressure is too high, it is easy to blow the tire. If the tire pressure is too low, the friction area between the tire and the ground will increase, and the fuel consumption will increase accordingly. In addition, there are various types of tires, and tires with high rolling resistance will generate more energy consumption and cause high fuel consumption.
Fuel saving and emission reduction, starting from the selection of tires
For the majority of car owners, it is an excellent choice to protect the earth, save energy and reduce emissions by replacing a fuel-saving and low-consumption Lubrizol low-rolling resistance tire for their car.
Relying on Huasheng Rubber's technological innovation and R&D advantages and strong industrial production capacity, Lubrizol tires help more high-quality, high-value-added green products to be put on the market, insist on exploring sustainable travel solutions, and promote tires to more Moving in the direction of environmental protection, a variety of low rolling resistance environmentally friendly tires are waiting for you to choose~

LRoadboss low rolling resistance eco-friendly tires
Using a new low rolling resistance tire technology, the tread formula uses high content of silica, which effectively reduces the frictional heat generation of the tire, thereby reducing rolling resistance and avoiding energy waste.
The application of new materials such as ultra-high-strength steel wire and single-wound bead steel wire reduces rolling resistance on the premise of ensuring product rigidity. It can easily achieve the dual purposes of energy saving and fuel saving, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make driving more green and low-carbon.
The earth is the homeland that human beings depend on,
It is our inevitable duty to protect the environment.
From today on,
Adhere to energy saving and emission reduction, low carbon travel,
Let's support environmental protection together with Roadboss!